Starting our garden!

PS149 and New Grace are starting work on the development of a community garden on the corner of Sutter Avenue and Wyona Avenue.  Teachers and staff met in March to begin initial planning with a great team from NYC Parks!

First: Where do we start and how will this help us? Check out some of our plans!

What’s next? Attending lots of workshops & writing additional grants for materials!

Speaking of… donate to Mrs. Hode’s gardening grant here!

Donor’s Choose

You can also learn about going green by attending the NYC DOE Green Fair.

Lean more here!

Register here!


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We Love Our Earth As Much As We Love Our Valentines!

This week in class 3-214 we used materials that would have been recycled to create Valentine’s cards for our loved ones. 

We began by cutting out heart shapes from recycled brown grocery bags.  Then we got creative with our cards by finding words, phrases, or even individual letters to spell out what we wanted to tell our loved one on our card.  Finally, we added colorful pictures from the magazines and advertisements that we brought in.

The final product ended in a beautiful collage of recycled and reused love:

What other creative ideas can you come up with to reuse materials?

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Welcome to the blog for PS149 and New Grace and the Going Green project! Please comment on any posts that you are interested in.  We want to hear your opinion!

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